Classify Information
Introduce the Concept

What does Classify Information mean?
The word classify means to arrange things into groups that have similar characteristics.  
For example one could arrange rocks into different groups based on size, weight, type, or even color.

Why is Classifying Information an important reading strategy?
Classifying is an important reading skill because it helps us compare information.  
When we can identify common traits in things, we will be able to understand more deeply the world
around us.

How do we classify information to help us understand what we are reading?
As you look at the information presented to you, think about how it is connected.  
Does the information relate to one topic?  Can you group the information in one or more ways?  
For example, if you were reading about snakes, lizards, and turtles you could group them all as reptiles.  
This would mean they have similar characteristics such as they all lay eggs and are cold-blooded.
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