Understanding Plot
Introduce the Concept

What does Plot mean?
The plot is the struggle between two things.  It could be a conflict between two characters, or even a
conflict between the character and nature.

The plot is the meat of the story.  It is connected to the "big" events that happen to the characters.
There are 3 parts to the plot in a story.  The
rising action which relates to the character's problem, the
climax which is the most intense moment in the story, and the falling action that wraps up the story events.
Why is Understanding Plot an important reading strategy?
The plot is the reason we want to read a story.  It is what makes the story interesting and emotional.  We
need to understand the plot in order to understand what is happening throughout the story.

How do we find the plot to help us understand what we are reading?
To find the plot ask yourself,  What are the characters struggling with in the story?  
As you read, think about when the "AH-HA" moment was.  This is the climax.
Look for the story elements.  All of these elements make up the plot of the story.
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